The Ronde CC 9.30 Ride

  • Speed 12 - 14 mph (19.5 - 22.5 kph)
  • Distance 30 - 45 miles (48 - 72 km)
  • Climbing up to 2500 ft (762 m)

Open to all

We only ask that you have read and follow our General Bunch Riding Etiquette and Positive Code of Conduct.

This group expects to be back at the shop between 12:00 -13:00.

We ride at an average speed of between 12 - 14 mph (19.5 – 22.5 kph). Please try your best to keep to this speed. We don't want to put anyone off and we want you to come back for more.

The 9:30 ride is a developer’s ride and you may struggle at first to maintain our average speed but in time this will improve. You need to decide whether this puts you off or you see it as a challenge.

The 9:30 ride is a great starting point for people who are not used to group riding or are confident on a bike, but not yet up to our more demanding rides. A reasonable level of fitness is required.

This is an inclusive ride and no one is left behind.