Group Training Day


Group Training Day


Saturday 4th May at Fife Cycle Park, Lochgelly @ 10am

Back due to popular demand is our group training day! The training will be with Diana Farrell from Active Cycle Coaching (and a fellow Rondeur to boot). 

Whatever your level of experience, you will learn a lot from the day. We’re strongly encouraging anyone who hasn’t yet taken a group training day to come along and learn some very useful skills.

We will be at the new Fife Cycle Park; a brand new, bespoke built, traffic-free road circuit where you’ll have a fantastic opportunity to practice group riding in a safe and controlled environment.

We’ll organise group rides on the day to get us there; it’s about 30km. Otherwise there is a train station at Lochgelly (just up the road from the park) or of course, you can drive! 
It’ll be 2 sessions with a lunch break in the middle. Fingers crossed for good weather!

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Is group riding still a mystery to you? A nightmarish swirl of road spray and rear lights? Likewise if you've been doing it for ages - Diana Farrell's expert coaching will focus on making everyone a better, more comfortable group rider, new and old! 

If you have never attended a Ronde CC Group Skills Day it is highly recommended that you do. It is always good fun, and you would be surprised how many kilometres you clock!

This really is a great day and is incredibly useful for those new to group riding as well as being a refresher and skill builder for long time members.