Group Training Day


Group Training Day


Sunday 1st July at Fife Cycle Park

Back due to popular demand is our group training day! The training will be with James (Jimmy Mac) MacCallum.

Whatever your level of experience, you will learn a lot from the day. We’re strongly encouraging anyone who hasn’t yet taken a group training day to come along and learn some very useful skills.

There is a significant discount for first timers – check your email for the discount code.

This time we will be at the new Fife Cycle Park at Lochgelly - just pop KY5 8AA into your satnav and you’ll be grand. It’s a brand new, bespoke built, traffic-free road circuit where you’ll have a fantastic opportunity to practice group riding in a safe and controlled environment.

The main goals are to brush up on: 
- Group Etiquette
- Chain Gang
- Through and Off
- Team Time Trial
- Echelon Riding
- Group Navigation
- Cornering (in a group)

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So what I learn then?
Spacial awareness, Throttle Control (pace not speed judgement), Anticipation, Fine Motor Skills, how to use your resources in a group for everyones benefit, how fast you can actually go in a group with very little effort, the list goes on….

I’m missing out on the usual 50-60 mile Club Ride!!
Well, the by-product of riding around during this session is that you will end up doing somewhere around that distance!

Will it be physically intensive at all?
If and only if the group progresses well enough with the techniques, will I be feeling comfortable enough to push you on; and that will probably be in the form of some playful games in groups.

Timings (subject to change):

08:15 Rollout from Ronde Bicycle Outfitters to West Gate of Royal Highland Centre
09:30 Sign on Opens
10:00 Session Briefing
10:15 Roll Out!!
11:45 Short break
11:55 Roll Out again!!
13:30 Lunch Time Back at Track Building - with video review (yes Im filming the action from inside the bunch no less!)
14:15 Roll Out Again
15:30 Short break
15:40 Puncture Drill
16:30 Session ends
17:00 Hit the road

Food/catering - bring your own