Club midweek training rides

Night Riders

6pm: GAMMA

Weekday dependent on local weather conditions. 35 mile loop out East to Aberlady-ish and back along the coast. Members only. Check the Facebook group for more details. Riders picked up at 6.15PM from Leith Links.

Circuit Training

6.30PM: Location VAries

Circuit loops with an ever increasing pace. Build your stamina and hold that wheel in front. From February, bring lights if the evenings are still dark.

Early season onwards

Monday Hill Reps

6.15pm: Arthur's Seat

Get some hill reps in your legs in the evening with circuits of the city's favourite natural landmark. Meet at the wooden hut in the carpark by the palace for an hour of fun/pain.*

* delete as appropriate

Summer/autumn, winter for the hardy souls


6pm: GAMMA

Learn to ride safely and efficiently in our chaingang development sessions. One or two groups head out and back on loops towards Linlithgow or Aberlady, working on smooth pedalling, easy transitions and tight riding. It's tough, there's no denying that, and you'll be spent by the end (if you're doing it right) - but all that will be worth it come the weekend.

Summer only

Thursday Social

6pm, GAMMA

Wind down on a Thursday with a social spin around the West Lothian Mini-Alps route. Nothing too strenuous, just an opportunity to get out in the lighter evenings with a friendly bunch.


Saturday CX-ing

9am: GAMMA

Each month Alasdair 'don't worry, we're just taking it easy' Anderson and Jimmy 'the wilderness cowers before me' Grant take those with nobbly tyres out on the trails in the greater Lothian area. I'd be more specific, but you should see some of their routes...

Check our Facebook group for any announcements regarding specific rides.