Search for a strapline

Can you suggest a Ronde Cycling Club strapline?

We're looking for something short and particular to the club, to be used on official stuff - posters, fliers, emails...the list is endless (or I've run out of examples). Nike has Just Do It, Audi Vorsprung durch Technik, so here’s a few suggestions to get you thinking...

  • hold your line
  • respect the jersey
  • do your time in the wind

Just in case a few of you were wondering, according to the Cambridge dictionary, a strapline is: short, easily remembered phrase used by an organization so that people will recognize it or its products

Suggestions will be whittled down with the top ones going to public vote on 26 January 2015. 

Apart from the great honour of winning, there may even be a prize. Oh yes, a prize.



Thanks for all your entries - look out for the voting opening shortly.