Group Skills Coaching

Increase your confidence in a bunch as a beginner or up there racing with the fastest

Mark Young - MYcyclingcoach

For those with a long enough memory, you will remember the road coaching session last October that Mark Young from mycyclingcoach ltd put on for the schooling of some of the club members in the art of riding in a group.

James McCallum - #What's your meta

Well, he's at it again, but this time he's teamed up with James McCallum, he of Commonwealth Games, Rapha Condor and NFTO fame, along with Kirsteen Torrance from the ladies club Filles A Velo, to make a bigger day and better spread of ability groups.


There are three groups from the total newbies who haven't yet ridden in a bunch, to the intermediates who've had some bunch riding but aren't super slick yet, to the experienced, who will be very much challenged by the coaching session content.

If anyone can vividly picture the previous day, Mark with his many years as a Scottish Cycling and British Cycling Coach, put the club riders into situations they never thought possible and revealed some brilliant hints and tips for us all to ride smoother, with more skill, confidence and above all, safety.

The day looks to be building up for some more of his distraction techniques and fun bunch games that we enjoyed the last time.

Saturday the 28th of February, again at Ingliston, has been chosen for the date and the details for signing up to this long day in the saddle, is at EventBrite.