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Improving accessibility to cycling

Cycling 120km, cafes every ~40km, Scottish countryside - what's not to like?

Recently Ronde CC rider Lulu Tucker spent a week ripping up the roads in Tenerife and came back with an idea to help more people into cycling. Read on to hear the story in her own words, and get on out there come October 30th...you know you want to.


Lulu in Tenerife

If I told you that in 2016 a cyclist rode 2000 miles unsupported across America with a broken shoulder, what type of person would you picture in your mind? The vast majority of people would picture a male cyclist in this situation, when in actual fact it was Laura Scott, an ultra endurance athlete and the founder of the annual Rapha women's 100k. And how many times have you thought a female on a ride is fast and subconsciously followed the thought of 'for a girl'? I will admit that I am a culprit for both of the above despite being a female cyclist; it is simply a fact that in our society cycling remains an extremely male-dominated sport. 

After having had the opportunity to train with Laura in Tenerife, I have decided to make my own contribution to improving female accessibility into cycling. However, as with most things in my opinion, inclusion is better than isolation. Whilst women-only rides provide a great opportunity to remove the intimidation of men, what about all the guys who are encouraging the change and want to get out and ride with these like-minded riders?

We can't promise this weather unfortunately

On the 30th October, with help from members of Ronde CC we will lead an 120k Audax- a challenging route broken up by 40k checkpoints in the form of cafĂ© refuel stops. It will be your choice whether to turn off after the first one to complete 80k, or challenge yourself to the full route with the 2 checkpoints. But don't worry about getting lost as both routes will be led by experienced riders. We will not drop you or leave you behind, but instead stick together on flatter sections and regroup at the top of climbs. 

So come join us, male and female, to see the incredible scenery of Scotland and encourage women into the quality of club riding. Check out the event on Facebook.

October 30th, 10am at Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh EH16 5BB