Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race.
— HG Wells

Join us on Saturday mornings for multi-level/pace rides leaving Gamma Transport Division at 9.10, 9.15, 9.20 & 9.30.

Routes will be published on the closed Facebook group on Friday, with regulars heading out West to the Bathgate Alps; over the bridge to Burntisland; and East past Hopetoun Tower.

All rides end up back at the Gamma shop for coffees, cakes and soups - a great way to warm down.

Helmets are compulsory on club rides.

What to bring along

  • A road bike in good condition

  • One (preferably two) inner tubes

  • Hand pump

  • Puncture repair kit

  • Tyre levers

  • Multi-tool

  • Other optional tools (e.g. chain breaker)

  • A (full) water bottle

  • Appropriate clothing for our ever-changeable Scottish weather

  • Bike lights (autumn & winter)

  • Energy source - gels, snacks, jelly babies

  • A positive attitude

  • Some (preferably) fresh legs